All of our systems - Eventito, Networkuj i Notee - have always been developed on the basis of feedback from our users, who are the most important driving force for our development. That's why we value ourselves and rely on personal references.

The preparation of any event is always associated with a large and time-consuming administration. From sending emails, commenting events, registering subscribers, sending invoices to sending final information. The system is networked, respectively. Eventito, which we have been using for the second year for all the events for businessmen, makes it all very easy. In addition to the huge savings of time, easy recording and simplicity of the system (it can be done by everybody, not very technically gifted, such as me), I also appreciate the professional and pro-client approach of Petr Kašák and the whole team. Nothing is a problem and everything is quickly solved. I highly recommend to all who want to deal with events rather than administration.
Alena Ratajová - director of Fenomén group of the brand, z.s. -

We've been working with SparkTECH for years. We mainly use their Eventito app, a truly valuable tool for organizing events like ``Business for Breakfast Prague`` and ``HandyBot`` workshops. It's great that their support works perfectly, so there are no problems. In addition, the tool is constantly evolving and improving and working with it is becoming more and more comfortable. SparkTECH is an example of how high quality services should be provided in the IT sector.
Romana Křížová -

... One day even the most sophisticated Excel spreadsheet will stop your data. Are standing before deciding: to use some available solutions; To make a ``toy`` tailored? Who cares for clients, organizes and organizes meetings of clients and visitors, made more than 2 years ago the right decision! The decision was called Networkuj. Wonderful tool fast, efficient, accurate. And most of all infallible. How many times did not send the invitation, wrongly confirmed the place ... S Network did not work. The smart system has always persecuted me until the moment everything was perfect. It's just relying on it! But everything is evolving: that is why, with impatience, we expect even better and more pleasant servant Eventito. Only what I saw exceeded my expectations! And we did not start working together ... Do not hesitate to go to work with Eventito.
Michal Hanousek - NEGOTIUM s.r.o. (

Eventito is a very good SW application that helps me organize a networking ``ICA Meeting``. Eventito saves me a lot of time. Its use is clear and clear. I am excited about the professional and at the same time pleasant approach of Petr Kašák. Whenever I need something to explain or help, it's always there for me. Quickly and comprehensible response to everything I need. It is also important to me the added value of SparkTECH s.r.o .. This company gives me the opportunity to promote my actions through their site. At the same time, I can easily find out about other interesting events that Eventito supports. And there is a whole series! I wish SparkTECH s.r.o. Many more successes.
Tomáš Havrda - Managing Partner – Komunitní Podnikatelský Akcelerátor ICA